Successful Market Research in leading Australian Companies 

This is the index page for market research projects that I have worked on. I have worked full time as a Strategic Manager in a leading Market Research company as well as having studied market research as a subject in my MBA and in an Advanced Certificate in Marketing course.


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Market research is as varied as the number of businesses who use it. While the goal is almost always to gather knowledge about the wants of a target audience, the resources and degree of information the organizations requires varies greatly. You may want to perform primary or secondary research. You may want to run exploratory focus groups, in-depth interviews or major telephone campaigns. I have been involved in all of these versions of research.

You may want to know about customer opinion, public opinion, buying trends, your proposed branding strategy. Whatever question you have can invariably be answered by innovative research methods. The vast majority of companies 'short-change' themselves by using staff without the skills or desire to perform the research. By not providing the resources, or funds to perform primary research they make major decisions based on inadequate information.

The articles listed in the Market Reseach Index link above give a glimpse of some of the research that I have performed and can perform for your company. In the strategy and analysis Index you will also see the applications of some of the research that I have performed.