VR headset ultimate happy placeTHE dream machine inspiration

A few months ago, with a noisy dog waking the family up early on a regular basis, I had perchance to dream a lucid dream or too. And it got me thinking of what makes us happy and how dreams are connected to it.

Perhaps it was also the influence of a barrage of info-mercials since the govt gave all those licenses to the equivalent of tv shopping spam networks. But this is my big idea.

Do you notice that when you dream or apparently when very scared, you go to your happy place.

The happy place is often an idealised 'dream state' of somewhere you were when something extremely happy or soothing happened to you, but its almost always depicted as being in childhood.


Then I thought about some of the past dreams I have had.  Often its like a search through my analogue memory banks of a time that was a 'sliding doors' moment. Often its about a first love or a time of achievement.

For me some of those dreams of are me walking/ running/ riding bikes through my old home city of Broken Hill when I was going to high school there. I have one dream about riding through the streets at night-time by myself on my bike when the town looked deserted.  There was a surreal calm, a serenity about that dream. Perhaps the possibilities that lay ahead.

Many people don't reach their full potential, but I have read that even for those that do, some of their happiest memories are in childhood.

memory storage of the futureSo what is this so called dream machine and why does it use exercise?

I am sure that everyone will have their own comment on this and modifications, but I think that I am pretty close to what needs to be done.

AND this is at a time when the technology almost exists for it to become real and affordable for average people.

My equation: 

1              Your dream run/ walk captured in Ultra HD maybe even ultra ultra one day.

2              And you hooked up to a relatively 'weightless' running machine to power yourself through your private dreamscape.

It seems simple and it does borrow from current or soon to be made technology, but this is how it is connected to a lucid dream. In lucid dreams people remember what the dream was like, it was so real right?  But they can't remember every single detail of the landscape.

Not everyone can easily run long distance once they turn over 40 - but why limit it to an experience that a young fit person can have.

Why have this machine connected to an exercise machine at all?  Because a big part of the happiness you get from a dream is the release of endorphins. Coincidently endorphins are also realised when people exercise, particularly after a certain amount of time.


If you have a favourite scene. whether you drove it in a car, ran, walked or biked it, snow boarded it ..  you usually did so at some time of day, and the scene is specific and special to you. Yes the time of day or streetscape can change over the years, but if you are lucky enough the fundamentals stay the same.  Essentially the ongoing purchase for this equpment would be memory cards in ultra high resolution that are your specific path in some place that was vyer special to you, that you would like to come back to in your lucid dream, because it is your happy place.

Google earth tours the strets of most of the world, but they record everything in low definition because of the amount of data  they need to store, and its there time of day (sometimes cloudy, sometimes raining, never night).  You could choose a private company to record your perfect path at your time of day, in your kind of traffic conditions, your kind of weather conditions etc.  You could get the to record a whole set of different weather conditions on the same path.

It could be a fantastic tourist trail. Wall Street in NY or your own home town city streets.  All your choice, but it would require a high end camera, very stable and data to be stored to allow a 360 degree view.

You could have each trip stored on high memory cards and just slip in your specific dream as you feel.

weightless exercise machinesTHE WEIGHTLESS EXERCISE MACHINE PART

Sure you could just put this into your dvd (equivalent) or put a 3d virtual reality head set on and sit on a couch, perhaps even ride an exercise bike.

BUT part of the reason you love your perfect place and your lucid dream is the release of endorphins and there is nothing more natural for a human that a natural high from exercise.  But if you are unfit and try and run on a treadmill through a memory that takes 30 minutes, you might be needing emergency care half way through.

An exercise machine that at least gives some support to your body weight would make you feel like you were running on air, or running in your youth, helping to simulate the dream like quality of the experience. 

If you hooked up the exercise machine to the VR set, then the speed you go though our dream is related directly to how fast you are running or walking or cycling - making it all the more real and you are responsible for the dream happening at your pace.


The camera quality and data storage is still classed as very high end in 2016, and therefore expensive.  And I don't know of any video company that is geared for this kind of recording locally.

The VR headsets have been said to come a long way, such as the Oculus set shown in this article  are still relatively heavy and cumbersome. OK for sitting in a chair or standing and shooting bad guys, but probably not developed enough for running long distances and feeling natural and light on your head.

The weightless exercise machines exist but cost a fortune. You might have to look more toward the development of a harness with suspension and running on a treadmill - but again, you want this to feel like you have free movement. Sure to keep the dream flowing you will mostly be going forwards, and the path recorded as defined by you in your specs will most likely be moderately linear for the most part ... but that is obviously another hurdle.

WHY I LIKES this world's best dream machine that you power

What's not to like?

It will encourage exercise, have people relive their youth, you can add music or scents or whatever other senses stimulus will really put you in the zone to recreate that moment you cherish.

This is a natural high, from your own personal memory bank, inspired by your 'happy place'.

When the VR becomes so real you cant distinguish it from reality then you are likely to get some amazing mental changes (besides happiness) occurring in your brain. You might be gaining a completion, you might be just after re running a cross country race you think you should have won.

There are many sheer entertainment possibilities for such a device smoothly put together, but for me the recreating your lucid dream/ happy place and having it all powered by you, has to be one of the first stand out things that I can't wait to do. Empowering, exercise, release of endorphins, revisiting your special place halfway around the world, anytime you want to, PRICELESS

If you invent this please feel free to buy me a house or two ..