Bruce DwyerIf you are an individual or company looking for research, website optimization or market analysis, you have come to the right site.

Do you have an interesting marketing or business problem? Please feel free to peruse the sectors that I have worked in see some of the exciting projects and innovative solutions I have created.

HISTORY: Bruce Dwyer initially graduated as an Electronic Engineer in Adelaide, then moved to Canberra to work as an engineer in the Aviation industry with AirServices Australia. This work involved many facets of engineering as he worked in various departments such as surveillance engineering, communications engineering and operations services.

The engineering study & engineering work have provided provided a good base for his analyst abilities.

After completing a three year advanced certificate in marketing, more substantial study was undertaken at the Uni of Canberra where he graduated with an MBA (marketing major). After a few years in Adelaide working in Product Management at Clipsal and Strategic Management in a leading Market Research company

In 2000 a move to Melbourne has seen him work in many industries with the binding factor being the use of customer, market and sales analysis to create a baseline for any future work.

Typically this interest in Market Analysis has been the realm of eager SME players, start ups and innovative technology companies. Perhaps this is because they are the ones most interested in growth and can act outside of the circle, square or whatever paradigm that many companies find themselves trapped in.

If you are a company in need of fresh thinking and innovative marketing analysis, I welcome your call.