Mayne Hospital finance trendsWorking as the Senior Market Analyst for this Health giant in 2002 provided an exciting time.

Employed principally to provide accurate market share information on their four main health segments required a great deal of skills in the arena of communication, market research and analysis. While tables for Mayne’s Hospitals and Diagnostic imaging departments are shown in Mayne Strategy article, this article concentrates on the market research aspect of the role and provides tables of Mayne’s Hospital, Pathology and General Practice market share for that period.

Note that this is historical data and no longer confidential due to Mayne Group's de-listing in 2005.



This electrical market dominant company really knew how to throw a party - that is this information relates to their heyday pre 2000. If you don’t have the entertainment expense budget to mix it with the leaders in your industry, you may be interested in performing some market research to quantitatively find out what your customers really think and want, for entertainment rewards.

The majority of discussions about this company's unique approaches to marketing are held in the product management and Strategy sections.


Like many companies, Ticketmaster relied more on its saleforce and senior managment relationships with clients than performing market research itself or through agencies. Dominant companies can afford to be trend setters without too much market research however even TM Australia created its first mass online survey on their customer base in 2005.

Maybe you could benefit too from giving incentives to fill out online surveys and acting on the results? If you need any such help please contact me.  


The following secondary research was performed on free Government data. The information shown in the table has many applications for any company wanting to know the general business wealth for any geographic location in Australia – as defined by the wages that companies in that area pay.

if you are selling B2B and want to sell to small or large company’s of a specific industry, this can help you create targeted advertising campaigns or send your sales people ‘business to business’ in the right areas.


Vision Systems in one of Australia’s most successful innovative technical companies. While they remain on the leading edge of many industry developments they realized the value in hiring an outside contractor (me) to bring a fresh and rigorous approach to their new product development schedule.

You do not need to be as big as Vision Systems to take advantage of my work, you just need to have a problem that needs solving. Research may provide you with the answers. The following details some of the work that I provided this international company while other aspects of this role are shown in the product management section of this site. 


The following article describes several full primary research projects from work with a major market research company. As I have worked in such an environment and on the client side of research I understand the value of providing a client with real answers they can plan campaigns on.

As I work as a consultant my main value to clients who want to run major research projects is in assisting them in designing the questions and types of research they need as well as providing strategy and analysis before and after the research.

Successful Market Research in leading Australian Companies 

This is the index page for market research projects that I have worked on. I have worked full time as a Strategic Manager in a leading Market Research company as well as having studied market research as a subject in my MBA and in an Advanced Certificate in Marketing course.