Excessive Australian Council rates not justified

Compared to the rest of the world Australian house prices and rates are some of the worst.

This means that home owners have the double w\hammy of over priced housing AND over priced rates. 

Rates are at least 50% higher than they need to be and this article looks at the global house price situation and what a fair council rate in Australia should be.

The following article looks at the history of house prices globally in raw and adjusted terms and posits that Australian Council rates should be tied to yr 2000 housing prices and adjusted by inflation for every year from then on.  That way council rates would have only increased near 50% since 2000 rather than the current 100% plus amount (because rates are tied to inflated housing prices).

lie detection in recruitmentDisclaimer. I worked in the recruitment industry for a few years in marketing, but what I am about to say is unlikely to phase anyone who has worked in it.

IN theory a recruitment company is a specialist company that finds and vouches for new employees, full time part time or casual. You might think that a specific professional career recruitment company like accounting, finance or IT might be very specialist and get the best candidates, but that might be as much luck and system setups as anything actually learned at the interview

Current recruitment process

1              Employer gives a recruitment company their spec or wish list

2              Recruitment company usually cuts and pastes the job onto their regular job boards AND looks though their current database.

3              When there is an issue with an employee the recruiter sales manager or account managers go for a long lunch with many drinks and smooze over the issues.

4              Interviews are held with the most likely best candidates (usually degree and experience (number of years in that specific role) driven.

VR headset ultimate happy placeTHE dream machine inspiration

A few months ago, with a noisy dog waking the family up early on a regular basis, I had perchance to dream a lucid dream or too. And it got me thinking of what makes us happy and how dreams are connected to it.

Perhaps it was also the influence of a barrage of info-mercials since the govt gave all those licenses to the equivalent of tv shopping spam networks. But this is my big idea.

Do you notice that when you dream or apparently when very scared, you go to your happy place.

The happy place is often an idealised 'dream state' of somewhere you were when something extremely happy or soothing happened to you, but its almost always depicted as being in childhood.