The following secondary research was performed on free Government data. The information shown in the table has many applications for any company wanting to know the general business wealth for any geographic location in Australia – as defined by the wages that companies in that area pay.

if you are selling B2B and want to sell to small or large company’s of a specific industry, this can help you create targeted advertising campaigns or send your sales people ‘business to business’ in the right areas.


Other related information is shown in the articles in the Strategy and Analysis section and the Website Optimisation section of this site.

MISSION: I developed a business model that allows you to see at a glance the relative wealth/ size of companies in a given geographic region in Australia.

RESULTS: Below is one of the preliminary tables that I constructed from research data to further understand the opportunities that different locations and industries within Melbourne can provide.    

Potential Recruitment Revenue per major area within Greater Melbourne, 2008

(columns = employee numbers in a company)

 Greater Melbourne Recruitment Potential Revenue

The above table shows that the revenue made by all recruitment companies through hiring and training services for Greater Melbourne was equivalent to 2.34 billion dollars. Eastern Melbourne had the second highest recruitment revenue potential for large companies (200+ employees) equivalent to $132M.


This type of research can be used for a multitude of business planning activities. For instance in the strategy stage of office location within Melbourne. Of course other states or cities can be just as easily analysed. When planning office locations for a company that works in an area such as recruitment, it is always beneficial to know the type of industries and size of companies in a catchment area and to understand if the current number of recruitment companies servicing an area are optimum.

Similar tables can be supplied on employee wage cost for any area.

If you need to research a given area, or want to find an area with certain financial (total size) or industry characteristics, then this kind of research may be of value to you. Contact me …