Market Analysis

This section explores the market analysis work that I have performed for start ups. This work was often exploratory in nature and is not confidential.


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The following work describes traditional market analysis projects that I have undertaken. These kind of projects are highly suitable for companies wishing to explore new markets, new companies trying to enter their core market and for venture capitalists interested in risk minimization to their or their clients millions on investment dollars for a start up.


This section shows some of the projects that I have worked on for companies interested in exploring new opportunities in completely new markets unrelated to their current business. This is where true market analysis exists. I find the best way to explain to clients that the difference between market analysis and market development is that the later happens once you are operating in the market. In fact sometimes market development encompasses many of the key points of market analysis – i.e. approaching an existing market with fresh eyes to discover any overlooked opportunities.


Another related section on this website to this market analysis section is the website optimization section. When a company enters a new market, they need maximum exposure and a way of finding the right kind of customers. An ideal way of doing this is creating a website that targets that market. During the preliminary research for a site I can quickly find the online demand for a specific market and the level of online competition. This research will then provide valuable information on how easy it will be to compete either in the online or real world markets.


The following buttons summarize the some of the market analysis projects that I have performed.


  • Online Job Boards
  • Gluten Free
  • Cattle Market
  • Pet Market
  • Shopping Trolleys 

It is noted that my work with Vision Systems was all about defining the specifications for a new product development for a duct detector – a small smoke detection unit for air conditioning ducts. Due to the confidentiality of this project I will not provide details of this project here, but have discussed some generic approaches that I took in the sections on RESEARCH and PRODUCT MANAGEMENT sections.


For people interested in one of the methods I have used to estimate a products potential acceptable customer launch price, I have provided some information in the Product management section. This is particularly useful for a company interested in creating a product for a market that they have no experience in, or a new product that doesn’t have any easy to compare direct products.

Market Analysis definition 

David A Aaker segments analysis into the following main dimensions:

  • Market size
  • Market growth rate
  • Market profitability
  • Industry cost structure
  • Distribution channels
  • Market trends
  • Keys success factors 

Market development definition (

This company defines market development as “a manufacturer's attempt to identify and develop new markets for marketing current products. There are three general strategies applied in market development: (1) working within the demographic market to see if any particular demographic group can be encouraged to buy more of the product or if any new group within the demographics can be encouraged to purchase the product; (2) looking at the institutional market to see if these buyers can be increased; (3) attempting to develop markets in new geographical areas.  To effect these strategies, marketers will attempt new distribution methods, change the design of promotional efforts, and attempt to discover and promote innovative uses for an existing product.