Like many companies, Ticketmaster relied more on its saleforce and senior managment relationships with clients than performing market research itself or through agencies. Dominant companies can afford to be trend setters without too much market research however even TM Australia created its first mass online survey on their customer base in 2005.

Maybe you could benefit too from giving incentives to fill out online surveys and acting on the results? If you need any such help please contact me.  


HISTORY: TM is the leading Australian Ticketing Agency. Other information about my work at Ticketmaster is included under the Strategy & analysis section.

MISSION: While working as a Client Marketing Manager, much market research was required to get to know their customers. This section looks at what can be found from analyzing survey results and a proposed new method of researching grand prix sales.


ACTION - ONLINE SURVEY I analysed the first online survey conducted by the department. This survey had 30,000 respondents answering services questions based on the companies three distribution channels (internet, call centre and outlet)..

RESULTS:  Results were segmented by state, age, gender and event type (sport, music, theatre etc). The research and analysis uncovered information such as a strong preference for older males to use outlets and to purchase multiple tickets for sport event. This meant that we could tailor exclusive competitions and appropriate POS material to this demographic at outlets.

The research also showed the specific issues respondents had with the online search facility and payment issues. I made recommendations on online membership crossover between ‘special offer emails’ and the ‘fortnightly newsletter’ that would lead to a higher acceptance of offers.

PROPOSED RESEARCH: I headed a major project for value adding to the Grand Prix promotional campaigns by providing reports on suburb level marketing. For events such as the Grand Prix I analysed sales data and found which suburbs had the highest sales for different seating classes such as General Admission and Gold Pass packages. Correlating this information with demographic information such as from the ABS provided insight into the needs of the highest buying patrons. This provided our clients with the opportunity for niche local advertising through channels such as local papers and shops.


Many organizations have a vast amount of sales data that can be used to better define their customer’s wants and future promotional campaigns. Most companies do not have the knowledge or resources to efficiently data mine that information. Rather than relying on manager ‘gut feel’ primary or secondary research and analysis can often justify and optimize future project spends and return results.