Successful Search Engine Optimisation methods 

As many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts will tell you, Website optimization is equal parts technical and creative with a good measure of luck (being able to second guess Google and Yahoo algorithm changes.

By the time I write this introduction, the website optimisation game will already have changed, but the fundamentals remain the same.


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While much of SEO is ‘common sense’ to people who work in the field, it is amazing how often they ‘forget’ to tell you simple things such as not to include any text that you want the Robots to pick up on in ‘frames’. The honest answer is that anyone who is willing to persevere, to read widely and continue their SEO efforts will be rewarded. But because too many business owners are busy doing other things and their staff aren’t always trained in this field, there is a strong need for someone who has optimisation skills such as myself.
Also you will find that many businesses do not understand the value of being online, and in the right online market, let alone funnelling their visitor traffic to specific goals such as newsletter signups, contact pages or shopping carts. When was the last time you did a focus group on your site or performed an impartial usability study?

This is one of the fastest growing fields in marketing, one of the most misunderstood and filled with ‘cowboys’  or overcharging ‘web design companies’. Granted, if you want your site to look aesthetically pleasing you can either choose and slightly modify one of the mass of templates available free online or engage designers to come up with a Robot friendly design – most likely not all ‘Flash’ driven site.

But at the start, you need to understand what you want the site to achieve and how you want your site viewed. What online visitors do you want to attract? The information in the articles linked from this page summarise some of the work that I have performed in this exciting burgeoning field.
You will see that the case studies are about fully optimised sites as well as companies that have chosen not to optimise. The case studies thus look at the motivations of these companies to either gain customers from the internet or to forgo this option. 

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